Album Release Show

Our first show in 2015 is going to be our album release show to celebrate “Stand Against The Storm” coming out. It’s going to be a big hometown show for us in Baltimore featuring In Dying Arms and a handful of other locals including Carthage and Dregs.

If you are able to come, do the band a favor and buy a ticket from us. We can save you the “convenience charge” and still mail the tickets to you in advance. Plus it will help us out.

The show is going to be on Friday February 6th at Baltimore Soundstage. More info available on our Facebook Event Page for the show.

See you there!


Stand Against The Storm OUT NOW

Stand Against The Storm - Out Now

Today is the official release date for our debut full-length album, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this music with the world.

The release of “Stand Against The Storm” is a defining moment for Void of Kings. Following up our 2011 EP with a professionally-recorded full-length album was a big step for us, and we are extremely proud of the music we’ve created. With a focus on authenticity, we put together a record that we believe will hold its own for years to come. It was important to us to have honest and meaningful lyrics, real instrumentation, and no gimmicks. The album includes select tracks from the EP, re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered, as well as a bunch of new material that we’ve written over the past year. We hope the record gets stuck in your head and in your heart as it has for us.

Stand Against The Storm“Stand Against The Storm”

1. Crossing the Acheron
2. Wounds
3. Scars
4. Pathways
5. The Darkest Place
6. H.O.P.E.
7. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
8. Conviction
9. Foreverwar
10. Surrender (Bleach the Flag)
11. Serotinous Seed

Spacer300pxDownload from iTunes       Order on CD

If you pre-ordered a CD, they just came in to us a few days ago, but we’ve got all the pre-orders shipped and on their way to you now. If you haven’t gotten it already it should be coming in the next day or so. We hope you love the record and would be glad to hear from you on Facebook.

Stand Against The Storm – Coming Dec. 16

Cover Artwork for "Stand Against The Storm"We are proud to announce the release date of our debut full-length album, “Stand Against The Storm” which will be coming out on December 16th, 2014. Pre-orders of the album on CD will be available starting December 9th, and if you pre-order it the first 100 will include a limited edition, full-color folding poster.

To order/pre-order, please visit our store on or after Dec. 9th, 2014 to place your order. All pre-orders will ship on Dec. 12th, and any orders after that will be shipped as soon as we can fulfill them.

We are so eager to finally share this new music with you.

Recording is Complete

Thumbs UpAfter many long days in the studio this summer with Will over at Salad Days Recordings, we’re excited to announce that we’ve finished tracking out the entire record. The whole thing was a great experience, and it was a pleasure to work with Will. He demanded the best performances from us, and had some great ideas.

Preliminary playback sounds great, but all the songs still need to be mixed and mastered over the coming weeks. Look for more updates throughout the fall. We’re looking at release date before winter begins, and if luck is on our side we’ll have another music video for you before too long!


Recording at Salad Days Studio

Void of Kings is currently in the recording process for our debut full-length album.

Photo of Will BeasleyWe’ve booked recording sessions with producer Will Beasley (Left) at Salad Days Studio throughout June. Will has done some fantastic work and has had the opportunity to get his hands on music by Emarosa, Handguns, and most recently, fellow Marylanders Definite. The studio we’re going to be recording has put out some incredible music including work from Darkest Hour, Senses Fail, Thrice, Converge, and Sky Eats Airplane, among others.

Over the next month or so, we’ll be tracking out eleven songs including a bunch of new material, and some old favorites.

Be sure to stay tuned to our Social Media content on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as we post exclusive photos, videos, and updates from the studio. Big things are coming! #VOK2014

Headed to the Studio: Recording Summer 2014